How to Grill a London Broil Steak

London Broil is not actually a kind of beef cut but it is a cooking technique for beef cuts that are tough such as flank steak, top round steak, sirloin tip, and the likes. In the United States, London Broil is displayed largely at the butcher store or the meat counter of a supermarket. Whatever beef cut it is, here is a great way to grill a London Broil.


You will need the following ingredients in order to grill a London Broil. Some four to five pounds of London Broil, one head of garlic, one cup of chive vinegar or white wine, one to two tablespoons of ground ginger, one half of a large onion, salt, and pepper.

Marinade Before You Grill a London Broil

Peel first the garlic and mince it very finely. Next is to season the London Broil generously with salt and pepper on both sides. In a very large size of ziplock bags, mix all the ingredients in there. Put in the garlic, vinegar, and ginger together and mix well. Then put in the meat and diced onions into the ziplock bag.

But if you don’t have a large size ziplock bag that can hold all the ingredients including the meat, you have the option to use a baking dish. You will have to put the marinade mixture first on the baking dish, then the meat, and the dice onions on top. Make sure that majority of the portion of the meat is immersed into the marinade.

Place the dish inside the refrigerator for 24 hours or overnight for the meat to absorb the flavor. In the last two hours of marinating, you should take the dish out from the refrigerator to let the meat thaw and warm up to room temperature before grilling. When it is time to grill a London Broil, just pour out all the marinade mixture and pat dry the meat.

Grilling Time

Make sure the grill is clean to use, pre-heat, and then brush with some oil. Grill a London Broil for about two to three minutes on each side over medium heat. When the bottom side become well browned, turned it over to cook the other side. Once the other side is also well browned, you can now turn the heat to low and turn the meat over once again. Continue grilling over low heat until you can see that the juices are beginning to rise above the meat. Turn the meat over to the other side until the juices are also visible.

If you are using charcoal to grill a London Broil and its somewhat impossible to turn the heat low, place the London Broil on the side where it is not directly over the heat and continue cooking the meat. as described above. Once the meat is done, place it on a clean plate.


Before serving the grilled London Broil, it is best if you cover it first with an aluminum foil to equalize the temperature of the meat from the outside part to the inside. Doing this will prevent the London Broil from drying out while being served and eaten. Let it rest for an estimated time of 15 minutes to allow the meat juice to push out naturally making the meat juicier.

Slice the meat as thin as you can make it across the grain of the fibers. Pour the meat juice over the meat and serve for your family to enjoy.

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