How to Grill a Porterhouse Steak

Due to its large size, it may look difficult to grill a porterhouse steak at first sight. However, you will soon understand that grilling it does not differ largely on the way you grill other steaks like the ribeye. Porterhouse is a beef cut that is composed of the top loin also known as the New York Strip Steak and the filet mignon, the adjoining tip tenderloin. Porterhouse steaks are wonderful dinner dish to share with your family as well as your friends.

How to Grill a Porterhouse Steak

1. Select the Right Beef Cut – When looking for steaks to purchase, always buy the ones that are well marbled because they are more tender and good. Prime, Choice, and Select are the three grades of beef in the market and the best ones to buy are the Prime ones though they are the most expensive.

2. Season It – To grill a porterhouse steak, you need to season it first using your favorite steak seasonings. You can also use the mixture of pepper and generous salt together with the steak seasoning to help the meat become tender while being grilled. Do not worry if there’s any excess salt and seasoning in the meat because you can always wipe them off before putting the steak on the grill to cook. Steak marinades are always best for porterhouse steaks.

3. Heat Up the Grill – While the grill is still heating up to its maximum, you can let the porterhouse steak sit to thaw and warm up from being in the fridge for hours. Just a reminder, never leave the steak out for too long especially if it’s a hot day. The ideal time for thawing the steak is 30 to 45 minutes at the most. You need to make the grill as hot as it can get to grill a porterhouse steak. For people who want their porterhouse steaks well done, it is best to butterfly it to evenly cook the meat. For people who love rare to medium porterhouse steaks, then you don’t have to worry much about it.

4. Cooking Time – Put the steak on the grill with the side of the New York Strip on the hottest portion meaning on the center of the coals or right above the burner. Upon placing the porterhouse steak on the grill, a sizzling sound should be heard. When this sizzling sound is missing when you grill a porterhouse steak, then this means that the grill is not hot enough to cook the steak.

Porterhouse steaks cook best when they are turned over at a minimal number of times. Cook each side of the steak at a time interval of about eight to ten minutes. If you think that the meat is already done, confirm this by using the meat thermometer. Consult a steak temperature chart for details regarding this.

5. Cover the Steak – After you are done in grilling the steak, it is best to keep the porterhouse steak covered or wrapped in foil for approximately five to ten minutes after taking it out off the grill. This will make the meat to keep on cooking on its own without the worries of being burn. This is an important step to grill a porterhouse steak and not everyone is doing it except for those true steak fanatics.

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