How to Grill a Steak

Before you start grilling steaks, ensure the cooking area is clear and clean. Have all the grilling utensils close at hand.

Pre Cooking Preparations

The steak needs to be at room temperature so allow it time to warm up if necessary. Put it on a clean surface and cut off the fat. Leave about ¼ of fat. Wash the meat over running water or in a clean bowl.

Pat it dry and add some rub. This may consist of garlic, salt and pepper. Alternatively, you can prepare a marinade sauce. Keep the meat in the marinade for at least four hours.

Prepare the Grill

Before you start grilling steaks, preheat the grill to 450 F. For gas grills, turn it to high; for charcoal grills, add a layer of white coals. Put cooking oil on paper towels and rub it on the slats.

Grilling Instructions

Put the steak on the grill and close the cover for a minute. Lift the lid and turn the steak over. Close it for another minute. Open the lid and turn the steak over again. Close the lid and let it cook for two minutes. Open the lid and turn the steak over. Cook it for another two minutes.

Note: grilling steaks 1 and ½ inch thick should last for five minutes. Add another half a minute for every half of inch more steak. When grilling is finished, allow the steaks to rest for five minutes. This is necessary for the steak to cook a little bit more.

The Various Steak Doneness Levels

You need a digital meat thermometer to assess the doneness of the steak. Without it, judging will be very difficult. Put the thermometer in the meat before grilling. When grilling, look at the readout level.

If you want well done steak, the thermometer must reach 170 F (77 C) or higher. For medium steak, the temperature should be 140 to 150 F (that’s 60 to 65 degrees C). If you’re grilling steaks medium rare, the temp needs to be between 130 to 135 F (55 to 57 C). If you want rare steaks, wait for the internal temp to reach the 120 to 130 F (50 to 55 C) level.

Medium to medium rate steaks are usually the hardest to cook. A sign of overcooked medium steak is a dull pink color. An undercooked steak is one that appears red and too juicy. While the rest time is usually 5 minutes, it can be shortened to 3 minutes for medium steak. If the meat is thick, stick with five minutes.


Only buy quality meat. Don’t purchase meats that are very hard. Do not buy meat if there is a tear in the package. It doesn’t matter if the meat still smells fresh. Bacteria might have gotten in already. When marinating, don’t forget to turn the steak over so the flavors are absorbed evenly.

The problems with grilling steaks arise from impatience and the lack of proper utilities. If you stick to the basic techniques, your steaks will be just fine.

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