How to Grill Baby Back Ribs

To perfectly grill baby back ribs, you must have a little bit of patience in doing it. But once the ribs are cooked, the hours of waiting are really worth it. Lots of people love to eat grilled baby back ribs and they even say that it’s the only and best way to cook the ribs.

Type of Grill to Use

You’ll basically use either a gas grill or a charcoal grill. You can grill baby back ribs in either of the two types of grills. The only difference is the way in setting up the grill in order to prevent the ribs from drying out or lose their tenderness.

Gas Grill – Place an open container of water in between the meat and the flame. You can choose to place a disposable aluminum open container with water and put it underneath the grate. If that is not possible, another way is to place the container with water on top of the bottom grate and put the ribs on the next grate above the water. For those gas grills with temperature control, keep the temperature at 225 degrees.

Charcoal Grill – You will have to use two disposable aluminum open containers with water in each one. On one side of the grill, place the burning charcoal and on the other side place one container with water. The other container with water must be placed on top of the burning charcoals. Place the grate above this setup and grill the ribs.

Steps to Grill Ribs

To prepare the ribs, check if the thin membrane at the bottom side of the ribs is already taken out beforehand. To give the ribs a delicious taste, you need to rub them using some mixture of various seasonings. Marinate and refrigerate the baby back ribs for many hours and if possible, do it overnight. This will allow the ribs to absorb the flavor of the rub to achieve the maximum taste desired. You can come up with your own dry rub when seasoning the ribs.

Before you grill baby back ribs, set up your grill according to the type of grill being discussed above. Heat up the grill before placing the ribs on the grate. As the grill is heating up, you can now take out the marinated ribs from the refrigerator and let it thaw naturally.

To grill baby back ribs, place them on the grate and let them cook for approximately two hours. Make sure to check on the ribs after every 30 minutes. Also make sure that the containers always have water in them to avoid the ribs from drying up or burning out. It is really not necessary to flip over the ribs since you’re grilling them over indirect heat. However, if you’re in doubt that the other side is not cooked, then you can go ahead and flip them over.

You can use barbecue sauce as you grill baby back ribs. You should use this when they’re almost done. It will greatly help in enhancing the flavor of the ribs. Baste the sauce on each side of the ribs and continue doing so until the meat is done.

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