How to Grill Beef Ribs

The basic process for grilling beef ribs is straightforward. Using these techniques, you won’t have any problems with the sauce not sticking to the meat or uneven flavors.

Easy Beef Ribs


4 lbs of beef ribs

½ cup of dry red wine

3 garlic cloves (minced)

1/3 cup of soy sauce

1/3 tsp of black pepper

½ tsp of thyme

2 tbsp of vegetable oil


Get a large bowl and pour all the ingredients except the beef ribs. Make sure the ingredients are mixed well. Now put the ribs in a baking pan. Get the bowl with the other ingredients. Pour it over the beef ribs.

Before you start grilling beef ribs, make sure the ribs are fully covered by the sauce. Put the ribs in the fridge. Keep it there for 4 hours.

Turn on the grill and preheat it. When the grill is hot, put the beef ribs on it. Grill the ribs for 1 and ½ hours. Turn the ribs over every 15 minutes. Throw away the marinade sauce.

Boiling and Grilling the Beef Ribs

If you’re having trouble getting the sauce to stick to the ribs, try this technique. Start by boiling the pork on a stove. Boil it for 15 minutes. Next, put the ribs on the grill. Keep it there for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove it from the grill. Flavor the beef ribs with your favorite seasonings and begin grilling beef ribs.

Using BBQ Sauce with Beef Ribs

If you’re using a covered grill, the ribs need to be cooked over indirect heat. Make certain the temp is already set before you put in the ribs.

One technique you can try is to pour in the BBQ sauce at the start. Next, add some more halfway through the grilling process (i.e., after 45 minutes of grilling). You can also add BBQ sauce when the sauce is not evenly distributed. Just make sure to turn the ribs over carefully.

Tips and Warnings

Be careful about putting in too much BBQ sauce though; too much will prolong the cooking time. An excessive amount of it and grilling beef ribs will be impossible; the ribs won’t cook. Do not set the temperature over 225 F. Recall that indirect grilling is recommended for other grills as well.

Checking for Doneness

If you can see the rib’s bones, the meat is cooked. Get a towel and twist one of the bones. It should turn without much resistance. If it is still hard, cook for a few minutes more. If you pull out the bone and the meat doesn’t stick, the ribs are drying up. Remove the ribs from the grill.

Side Dishes

Aside from BBQ sauces, you can use coleslaw, baked beans or fries. There are also several ready made sauces and dips for beef ribs available in stores.

Grilling beef ribs is easy, but as you can see, there are plenty of ways you can spice it up. Try to be creative when cooking and you’re bound to have satisfying meals.

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