How to Grill Chicken

It is a difficult cooking skill to really master how to grill chicken perfectly. Since chicken meat is temperamental, it can easily burn on the outside while the inside is still raw and already dried out. Still it remains one of the favorites of many people anywhere you go. You can grill various parts of the chicken like legs, breasts, and wings. You can choose to grill a filleted, skewered, sliced, or whole chicken. As you learn how to grill chicken, you can rub, baste, marinade, or sprinkle the meat for added flavor of your choice.

How to Prepare

One of the basics of how to grill chicken is to grill the chicken only when it is already fully thawed. Always keep the chicken meat in the refrigerator and take it out only when it is already time to cook it. Never brush or marinate the chicken before grilling with coatings containing sugar like barbecue sauce. The reason is that it will cause the meat to get burnt. Do the brushing with these kind of sauces when the meat is already done.

Before you place your chicken on the grill, make sure that you have already coated the grill rack with light cooking spray or oil. This will prevent the chicken from sticking into the grill.

How to Grill Chicken

To have an even heat as you grill the chicken, scatter the coals in an evenly manner throughout the cooking area. It is best to place the grill rack in the distance of about six to ten inches above the burning coals. An important reminder in knowing how to grill chicken. Use only a low to medium heat in grilling the chicken to retain the juiciness of the meat. Searing the chicken can make the skin charred and the inside raw. Grilling the chicken using the slow cooking method is the best way to do it.

Length of Time

It will take about 30 to 60 minutes to grill large cuts of chicken meat. Grilling thin-cut, separated, or boneless chicken meat will take less time to cook compared to chicken with bones, thick-cut chicken, or whole chicken.

One trick in how to grill chicken is to make use of your meat thermometer. Remember that undercooked chicken meat is very unsafe to eat. Overcooked chicken meat doesn’t taste good at all. Perfectly cooked chicken meat has a temperature of 185 degrees and the juices will run clear when you cut the meat.

How to Serve

It is important to make the grilled chicken sit for a few minutes before serving it once taken out from the grill. It will allow the meat juices to cool down a little bit. The reason is that meat juices will run right out when you cut open very hot meat that leads to serving a dry chicken dish.

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