How to Grill Chuck Steak

The chuck is part of a beef that is usually cut into 1-inch slices with rectangular shape. It is often called 7-bone steak because it has a bone that resembles the number ‘7.’ Because it contains collagen, which usually melts during the cooking process, you can expect it to have an intensely stronger flavor. Instead of cooking it as a pot roast or a broiled specialty, it can also be grilled to bring out its delectably rich taste and flavor. In order to experience the unique and yummy taste of such enticing dish, it is good to know how to grill chuck steak.


You can give your grilled chuck steaks a richer taste and flavor by making sure that all the necessary ingredients are available. For this recipe, you need to have at least 3½-pounds of boneless chuck steak, with each cut preferable 1-inch thick. Likewise, prepare 6-slices of red or yellow onion. Make it sure that each slice is ½-inch thick. Additionally, you must also have ½-teaspoon of black pepper, ½-teaspoon salt and 2-tablespoons grated onion.

Other ingredients are also important such as 1-tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, 2-tablespoons of cider vinegar and 2/3-cup of vegetable oil. Unlike other chuck steak recipes, this one is special because it makes use of 12-ounces beer as ingredient.


Get a fork and then use it to pierce both sides of the steaks. Find a large shallow dish and then pour in the beer, vinegar and oil. Next, put the pepper, salt and Worcestershire sauce as well. Add the slices of onion, the chuck steaks and the grated onion. Do not forget to dip the steaks right into the mixture. Cover the dish and then place inside the chiller of your refrigerator. Marinate overnight.

Before you start grilling, it is important to let the steaks warm up a bit. Let them stand for at least an hour in room temperature. Gently remove the steaks from the marinade. Set your grill to high heat. Brush some oil into the rack before putting the steaks on top. This is actually important as it prevents the steaks from sticking.

If you want your steaks to be medium-rare, simply grill each side of the steaks for approximately 8 minutes. Put the steaks into the carving board and then cut them into thin slices. Get a clean platter and then transfer the steaks right into it. Serve to guests and enjoy.

Additional Tips

In case you want your steaks to be tender, you can do different techniques. Before grilling, you can braise the meat first. The process would actually soften the steaks before you grill them. Do not overcook because it can significantly affect the taste as well as texture of the meat.

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