How to Grill Corn

Grilling corn on the cob isn’t just an easy addition to your barbecue. It easily becomes a crowd favorite for this or any other similar occasion. Some would easily suggest making it a staple at any backyard barbecue. As long as you have fresh corn it doesn’t matter whether you grill it in an aluminum foil or just on its husks.

Grilling Tip: You might just want to add your favorite spices and herbs before grilling corn on the cob. It will give an added spin to your corn ears and liven up its flavor.

Grilling Corn on the Cob in Their Husks

Step One: Check if your corn has a lot of layers of husks. If you find that the husk is thick with several layers you should peel off some of them. Just leave a few layers of husks on your cobs for a bit of basic protection.

Step Two: Soak the whole corncobs with their husks on them in cold water. Be sure to keep them soaked in water for the duration of 15 minutes. Remember to keep the corn ears submerged completely in water. This is an important step in Grilling corn on the cob since the steam from the water will cook the kernels within the husks.

Step Three: While waiting for your corncobs to be completely soaked, preheat your grill. Set it to a medium temperature, which is around 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step Four: Shake off any excess water from the cobs when you take them out to be grilled. Pull the husks back and brush the kernels with some olive oil. Then you place the husks back. Place your cobs on the grill and start grilling corn on the cob. Keep rotating your cobs every now and then to avoid charring them. Move the cobs to the side of the grill after a couple of turns to make room for new cobs to be grilled.

Allow the cobs on the side of your grill to cook for an additional 15 minutes. You know that it’s cooked when the kernels shoot out when your press on them. Take the corn off the grill and peel the husks off. Rinse the corn under running warm water removing ash and silk alike.

Grilling corn on the Cob in Aluminum Foil

You will basically follow the same instructions if you wrap your corn in aluminum foil. The only difference is that after soaking your cobs you completely remove the husks and wrap the cobs in aluminum foil before grilling. You may add some garlic, salt, or any other seasoning to your corn before wrapping them in foil and setting them on the grill.

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