How to Grill Ribeye Steak

Also called scotch fillet and Delmonico fillet, ribeye steak is one of the nicest cuts of beef, which when cooked properly can easily be turned into different kinds of irresistible culinary delights. Aside from frying and roasting, this particular cut of beef can also be grilled. It contains more fat and has a more tender texture, which make it more flavorsome. For a chance to taste such enticing treat, it can truly help to know how to grill ribeye steak.


Just like other dishes, grilled ribeye steaks can taste better if you use the right ingredients. To make this happen, prepare at least 3-tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of salt as well as a teaspoon of pepper. Likewise, you must also have a teaspoon of garlic powder available, which can significantly enhance the flavor of your steaks. Furthermore, prepare 1½-cup of Italian breadcrumbs to give your dish a unique twist. Of course, do not forget to bring in 2- to 4-pieces of ribeye steaks. Once you have these, you can start with the grilling process right away.


If you wish to avoid flaming while grilling your steaks, you can cut off certain amounts of fat on your steaks. Try to remove some fats from the edges. However, you can still leave them if you wish to have a stronger taste and flavor for your dish. After that, marinate your steaks by putting them right inside a plastic zip bag. Pour inside some of your preferred marinade and then refrigerate for at least 6 hours. You need not buy expensive marinades to make your steaks more delicious. Instead, try using a mixture of a tablespoon of black pepper, a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and a cup of beer.

After marinating the steaks, remove them from the refrigerator. Allow them to warm up a bit in preparation for the grilling process. Set your grill to high temperature. Do not put the steaks on top of the grill right away. Be sure to allow it to heat up first to prevent the steaks from burning. You can check if the grill is hot enough by simply putting your hand on top of the grill approximately 5 inches away. If you cannot tolerate the pain for about 5 seconds, the grill is definitely hot enough to start grilling.

Get a clean bowl and then combine pepper, salt, garlic powder and breadcrumbs. Dip the steaks in olive oil and then dip them right into the mixture. Be sure to cover all sides of the meat. After that, put the steaks on top of the grill. Turn the steaks once their undersides acquire a golden-brown color. You can check the doneness of your steaks with the help of a meat thermometer. When the meat is 170-degrees Fahrenheit, it is well done, 160 degrees for medium and 145 degrees for medium-rare.

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