How to Grill Ribs

The aroma of smoky ribs roasting on your grill is just enough to make anyone’s mouth water. The rich smell on an open flame does have its effects to work up an appetite. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer lamb, pork, or beef as long as you follow the proper procedure to on how to grill ribs you’ll get the same mouthwatering effect.

Identifying the Type of Ribs

The very first part of how to grill ribs is to identify what ribs you are grilling. Here are the ideal types of ribs you might want to try grilling. Beef ribs will usually be long and are sold in slabs of seven or six ribs. Another good choice is beef short ribs, which are the tips and are located at the plate of the cow.

Baby back ribs are popular meat cuts from pork coming from the loin. On the other hand spare ribs are taken from the underbelly and are known to be flavorful and fatty. A lamb rack has eight ribs and is known to be leaner than both pork and beef.

Dry Rubs or Marinades

The next part on how to grill ribs is to season and add flavor to your ribs. You have a choice to either use dry rubs or marinades. Dry rubs can be any combination of garlic powder, sugar, paprika, salt, or black pepper. You can add any herbs and spices that you like. Marinades are liquid in form and tenderize the meat other than just adding flavor. You can leave the ribs in the marinade or dry rub for at least two hours. To let the flavor seep in it is best to keep the ribs in them overnight.

Prepping Your Grill

The next step on how to grill ribs is to prep your grill. Equipping an oven thermometer on your grill will be a great help. Make sure to place it near where you will grill your ribs. Make sure to clean your grill’s grate beforehand.

How to Grill Ribs

Heat up your grill until it reaches its optimum temperature. Place your ribs on the grate and then close the lid. Remember to place the ribs where there is indirect heat and not immediately on top of the coals or burner. The key in how to grill ribs is to cook the ribs in low heat slowly. Check the ribs after 45 minutes and see if the temperature stays the same.

You might want to add some wood chips to add a bit of a smoked flavor to your ribs if you like. Grilling your ribs will take about three hours. To check if the ribs are done, slide a toothpick or fork into the meat. If it slides in smoothly then the meat is done.

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