How to Grill Round Steak

Grilling round steak is ideal for a number of reasons. They aren’t as costly as other beef cuts but their taste is still pretty good. Here are a couple of recipes you can try.

Quick and Easy Round Steak


Round steak

½ tsp of pepper

1/3 tsp of Worcestershire sauce

½ tsp of salt


Begin by marinating the steaks. Get a bowl and put the steaks there. Add as much Worcestershire sauce as you want. Add a bit of salt and pepper as well. Cover the container. Put the bowl in a fridge for half an hour.

Turn on the gas grill and set it to high. Preheating should be done with the lid closed for 15 minutes. If you’re grilling round steak beef on charcoal grills, let the charcoals turn ashen before you start cooking.

Cooking the Steaks

Put the steaks on the grills. Cook each side for 5 minutes. Turn the steaks over. Cook it for five minutes again. When it’s cooked, rest the steaks for a couple of minutes. The time you spend cooking each side will also depend on the doneness level you desire.

Note: because they’re thin, round steaks can be overcooked. Be sure not to go over five minutes per side. Don’t forget to wash your hands after holding the uncooked meat.

Round Steak Mediterranean Style

Although it sounds fancy, the dish is actually very simple. Preparation time will take more than half an hour. Grilling round steaks this way will only take 23 minutes.


2 beef eye round steaks (each piece 8 ounces)

6 ounce jar of quartered artichoke hearts (marinated)

1/3 cup of roasted red pepper (chopped)

2 tbsp fresh basil (chopped)

Salt and pepper

3 tbsp (Dijon mustard)


Remove the artichokes from the jar but reserve the liquid. Slice the artichokes. Put them in a bowl with the roasted red pepper. Toss in the basil to the mix. Seal the container and keep in the fridge. Pour the liquid in the artichoke jar in another bowl.

Add the mustard and mix them. Put both the round steaks and the mustard mix in a food plastic bag. Zip the bag. Put it in the fridge overnight before grilling round steaks. You can also marinate it for only six hours, but overnight will allow the flavor to seep in more thoroughly.

Remove the bag from the fridge. Take out the steaks and throw away the marinade. Turn on the grill and set it to medium heat. If you are using a charcoal grill, add some ash covered coals. Put the steaks on the grill. Do not cover the grill.

Grill it for 23 minutes. This will cook the steaks medium rare. This steak should be turned occasionally. When it’s cooked, cut the steaks into thin slices. Put it on serving plates. Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Serve this with the artichoke sauce you stored in the fridge.

As you can see grilling round steaks is a simple process. Unlike other meat cuts, this is one dish that can satisfy your yearning for good food without hurting your wallet.

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