How to Grill Salmon

Salmon is a great choice for grilling fish due to the amount of fat it naturally contains. Due to this fat content there are fewer chances that this fish will dry out while on the grill. We’ll walk you through the rather easy steps on grilling salmon. Two important questions that people usually have in mind are how to grill salmon and how long do you have to grill it. We’ll cover both questions along the way.

Preparation for Grilling Salmon

Before you start grilling salmon, you should know how to get the meat ready first. When choosing fish fillets to grill at the store, you should choose the salmon fillets that are about an inch thick. That will be about the right thickness to make the perfect grilled salmon.

Some people would prefer grilling salmon with the skin still on it while others want the skin removed. It’s a matter of personal preference actually and how much time you have available. Those who have enough time to pre-season their salmon should remove the skin and season their fish fillet on both sides. Those who would rather season their fillets afterward should rather just keep the skin intact for grilling.

Choosing Your Seasoning

This is the fun part of grilling salmon since you have a myriad of options to season your fish fillet. Some prefer the basic salt and pepper and may add some of their favorite herbs, like dill for instance, one time or another. Another interesting seasoning you might like to try is old bay.

Seasoning Tip: Many markets offer their free marinades even before you purchase your fillets. A rule of thumb here is never leave your salmon in the marinade 15 minutes before you put it in the grill. You’ll end up getting a mushy kind of meat since the marinade has the tendency to break the fish meat down.

Grilling Your Salmon

After all your preparations are done grilling salmon will be a breeze from here on. First, the grill should be preheated to medium-high. Next, spread some oil on the rack, grilling basket, or aluminum foil. Grill your fillets until you see the fish turn opaque. Remember that you will only turn the fish once during the entire grilling process.

Now the next question is how long it will take to grill both sides of your salmon fillet. It will only take about eight to ten minutes to grill both sides. Just make sure that the fire doesn’t touch the salmon when grilling. After grilling you can set your fillets on a plate and make your favorite sauce for an added touch on your meal.

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