How to Grill Shark Steak

Aside from swordfish, salmon and tuna, there are other marine animals that can be made into delectable and mouthwatering culinary delights such as the shark. Nutritionists believe that this kind of seafood is a healthier alternative to beef and pork, which are high in fat and cholesterol. For a chance to enjoy such delightful treat, it is good to know how to grill shark steak.


If you wish to enjoy a delightful and exquisitely good dish, you can always count on this recipe. First, you need to gather a number of ingredients like 2-cups of soy sauce, 2-cups of buttermilk and a teaspoon of pepper. Likewise, bring in a dash of fresh lemon juice as well as ½-teaspoon of honey. For this dish, you will also need 3-tablespoons of Dijon mustard and 4-pieces of 8-ounce shark steaks. Once you have these ingredients, you can start cooking right away.


In order to have a richer taste and flavor for your shark steaks, you need to marinate them. Combine the soy sauce with buttermilk and then use the mixture as a marinade. Dip the steaks into the marinade and then leave them for at least four hours. Next, prepare the grill for cooking. Set it to medium-low temperature.

As the grill heats up, you can now make the sauce while waiting. Get a clean bowl and then combine pepper, lemon juice and honey. After that, add the Dijon mustard. Mix thoroughly until all the flavors are distributed evenly. Use the sauce by basting it right onto the steaks. Be sure to put sauce all over to ensure richer flavor and taste.

Once the cooking equipment is hot enough to grill, simply put the steaks on top of it. Grill each side for 4 minutes. Turn and then baste them with the sauce once again. In case one side is not yet done, turn it once again until the desired result is achieved. Baste the steaks regularly. Serve the steaks with the sauce on the side. You can increase the amount of ingredients for the sauce if you wish to make more.

Additional Tips

The shark steaks must be cut into manageable sizes. This can actually help ease the cooking process. Likewise, the steaks are easier to meat. You can serve them with wine for a more satisfying gastronomic experience. When buying shark steaks, it is best to ensure the quality of meat you are purchasing. Buy only from reliable groceries that always sell safe and fresh meat. Do not overcook the steaks in order to enjoy their full taste and flavor.

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