How to Grill Skirt Steak

Skirt steak is also known by other names like Philadelphia steak and Romanian tenderloin. This particular cut of beef is used for making Cornish pastries, the Northern Mexican arrachera dish and fajitas. Aside from these enticing dishes, one of the most efficient ways of bringing out the natural and delightful taste of this particular meat part is by grilling. Learn how to grill skirt steak and enjoy the goodness of this simple ingredient.


For this dish, you need a number of ingredients like 1/3-cup soy sauce, ½-cup olive oil and 1½-pounds of skirt steak. Likewise, prepare 2-tablespoons of limejuice, 2-teaspoons of minced garlic as well as 1/3-cup of chopped yellow onion. Furthermore, bring in a tablespoon of molasses, 2-tablespoons of brown sugar and ½-teaspoon ground cumin. After completing these items, you can start right away with the actual grilling process.


Prepare the blender and then pour inside the chopped yellow onion, soy sauce and olive oil. Likewise, add the molasses, brown sugar, ground cumin, limejuice and minced garlic. After putting all of these inside the blender, blend until no chunks of onions can be found. Prepare a large ziplock storage bag, preferably one that can store a gallon or more. Place the steak inside and then pour the marinade as well. Move the bag around until it is entirely coated with the marinade.

Let it stand for at least an hour so that the steak has ample time to absorb the different flavors. While you are marinating the meat, you can start preparing the grill. Once the grill is ready, put the steak on top of it. Grill each side for 6 minutes and then turn the other side of the meat. Get a cookie sheet and then put a couple of foil layers on top of it. When the steak is done, put it on the cookie sheet and then use the foil to wrap them.

Allow the steak to cool down for approximately 5 minutes. This can actually help the meat retain its juices and natural flavors. Take the steak out of the foil and then put it on top of the cutting board. Cut it into many slices. After cutting, you can still keep the meat warm by returning the slices right into the foil.

Serve on top of a nice clean platter. You can serve this dish with add-ons such as garlic bread, green beans and baked potato. Serve to guests and enjoy the delightful taste of grilled skirt steak.

Additional Tips

Just like flank steak, skirt steak is a very good cut of beef because it is less expensive. The marinating process is very important because it actually helps the meat become tender. Do not overcook the meat in order to avoid ruining its flavor.

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