How to Grill Spare Ribs

The following recipes for grilling spare ribs will give you an idea of the possibilities inherent with this dish. When you’re done grilling, you can use these as templates for other recipes.

Spare Ribs with Korean BBQ Sauce


Spare ribs (2 lbs)

Korean BBQ sauce (1 cup)

Worcestershire sauce (2 tbsp)

Thyme (dried, 1 ½ tsp)

Garlic cloves (4 pieces, crushed)

Pepper (1 tsp)


Soy sauce


Combine all the ingredients except the spare ribs in a bowl. When it’s mixed well, add the spare ribs. Make sure every piece is soaked evenly in the marinade sauce. Put a lid on the marinated spare ribs. Keep this in the fridge overnight. When grilling spare ribs, this step is very important as it gives the pork maximum flavors.

Turn on the grill. Take out the spare ribs from the container. Put it in a rack covered with aluminum foil. The aluminum foil does two things: it keeps the pork from getting stuck on the pan. Number two it also makes cleaning up easy. Sprinkle the spare ribs with the sauce. Grill the pork for 10 minutes. Turn it over. Cook for another 10 minutes.

Gather the drippings from the pan. Put this in a bowl and add some soy sauce, honey and Korean BBQ sauce. Serve this with the spare ribs. If you want the sauce thick, add a bit of cornstarch and stir the mix. When you’re finished grilling spare ribs, pour this over the meat.

Note: the sauce made from the dripping can be cooked over low heat. But this is only optional.

Spare Ribs Chinese Style


¼ cup of sherry

4 lbs of spare ribs

1 tbsp of sugar

½ cup of ketchup

1/3 cup of hoi sin deung (found in Chinese food stores)

1/3 cup of soy sauce


Begin by putting the spare ribs in the baking pan. Get a large bowl. Pour in all the other ingredients. Mix it well. Get a spoon and sprinkle some of the sauce over the pork. Turn the spare ribs over. Put sauce on the other side. Give the spare ribs a couple of hours to fully absorb the flavors.

Now you can start grilling spare ribs. Put the ribs on the grill. Cook for 45 minutes. Turning the ribs often is recommended. Remove the ribs from the grill. Put it on a serving plate. Spray a bit of soy sauce on top of it.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure you have several napkins so things don’t get messy. The number of spare ribs and size will change the grilling time. The more you grill, the longer it will take. The key is the color; as long as it is pink, the spare ribs are still being cooked. Do not stop cooking until the pink color disappears.

In case a flare up happens, move the spare ribs to another part of the grill. Grills today can handle flare ups easily. But if it gets big, use a bottle of water to douse the flames.

These are just some of the methods for grilling spare ribs. As you spend more time grilling, you’ll come up with more ways of cooking and serving them.

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