How to Grill Steak Tips

These grilling steak tips should help even novice grillers whip out mouthwatering treats. As with other forms of cooking, the secret to success is in paying attention to all the major aspects.

Buy a Digital Meat Thermometer

The importance of this instrument cannot be overstated. Simply put, it takes the conjecture out of cooking. With a meat thermometer, you’ll know the steak’s exact temperature. This makes cooking well done, medium and medium rare steaks a breeze.

Without it you’ll have to cut up the meat and judge its doneness by the color. Cutting the meat derives it of juices, while judging by texture is difficult for new grillers. When it comes to grilling steak tips, a meat thermometer should always be included.

Flavoring the Steak

The simplest way to flavor steaks is by adding some salt before you start grilling. For more flavor, you can sprinkle a bit of vegetable oil with the salt. For some zest, a dash of pepper will be nice. If you want to use some onions, that’s okay too. Whatever rubbings you use, make sure they are applied uniformly so the steak will be flavored evenly.

Pointers on Slicing the Steaks

A 2 ½ inch steak is perfect for grilling. Thicker slices will take a bit too long to cook and thinner ones can be difficult to grill. For the softest cuts, go for the filet mignon; it is of course, also the most expensive.

One of the most important grilling steak tips is to cut off the silver skin. If this is not removed prior to grilling, the meat will very hard and unpalatable.

Keep Some of the Fat

Removing the excess fat is all right, but try to leave at least ¼ of it (more if possible). The fat is necessary to keep the flavors in the steak. Without it, the steak won’t be able to keep the juices in.

Pointers for Using the Grills

You don’t really need a big grill; a two burner will be just fine. While a side burner is nice, it’s not mandatory. It’s also a good idea to clean the grill after every use. Make sure to remove any food bits so the unit doesn’t get clogged up. Applying a bit of oil

before grilling is also a good idea.

Here are some grilling steak tips for those who want meats rare or medium rare: the grill should be set to high. If you want the steaks medium, the cooking time should be a bit longer. Refer to the following information when cooking steaks.

Well done (170 degrees F or 77 C); medium (140 to 150 degrees F or 60 to 65 degrees C); medium rare (130 to 135 degrees F or 55 to 57 degrees C.); rare (120 to 130 degrees F or 50 to 55 degrees C).


There are literally hundred of sauces you can use as marinade or sauces for your grilled steaks. Still the most widely used is BBQ, sweet or spicy flavor. Although you can prepare one, buying ready made sauces is the easiest way to go.

With these grilling steak tips, you’ll be ready to serve up sumptuous treats anytime.

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