How to Grill Venison Steak

In terms of taste, venison is very much like beef but with a richer taste and flavor. Furthermore, it has a leaner and finer texture. It tastes good even when served with other ingredients. This kind of meat can be served in various ways, one of which is by grilling. Many people like it rather than lamb, pork and beef because it contains lower fat, cholesterol and calories. In order to enjoy such advantages, it is good to learn how to grill venison steak.


To give the steaks richer taste and flavor, it is very important to marinate them well with the right ingredients. For this, you need to prepare ¼-teaspoon pepper, a piece of crushed clove garlic and ¼-teaspoon of Tabasco sauce. Furthermore, you also need 2-tablespoons of salad oil, 2-tablespoons of lemon juice, ½-cup water and ½-cup soy sauce. Once you have these items, you can marinate the steaks right away. Marinate the steaks for several steaks in order to ensure richer taste and flavor.


Before you start, you need to have a well-prepared grill. Be sure to have a balanced heat. Do not make the fire too strong as it can burn the steaks easily. Venison is comparable to skinless chicken, which can stick right onto the grill. If you wish to avoid this, it is good to pre-heat the grill first by setting it to high. Get some oil and then apply some of it on the grill using a nice clean brush.

After a couple of minutes or more, lower down the heat. Set it to medium heat and then gently put the venison on top of the grill. Arrange them well by allotting ample spaces in between the pieces of meat. Put the lid on and then seal the grill completely. This can help you achieve a more desirable result. The venison can be tender if it is grilled slowly.

Never leave the steaks. Instead, check regularly in order to prevent them from overcooking. Get the spatula and then press it on the steaks. In the end, the steaks must have a firm texture rather than a soft gelatinous feel. Once this happens, slowly take the meat off the grill right away. Never allow it stay than the required cooking time because this can actually ruin the steaks. Serve them on a nice clean platter. You can cover them with foil in order to retain its warmness.

Additional Tips

It is not advisable to piece venison while still on the grill. The steaks can actually get dry and tough as their juices run out. Never char the steaks. Furthermore, never leave the steaks too long on top of the grill if you want to keep them warm. It is better to have cold venison than tough and dry steaks.